The Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of the DDMWC will take place on March 5, 2024 at 7:00 pm at the Old Firehouse on Elm Lane. This meeting will be held in person. Please join us for the election of the Board of Directors, financial and activity reports, and updates on the Del Dios Mutual Water Company. Voting is by U. S. Mail, proxy or in-person: Ballots were mailed to shareholders in January. There is one vote per share.

Annual Meeting Agenda, Minutes, Financial Reports are posted under "Reports and Documents" section of this website. Note: Current Water Quality Report is under "Water Quality/CCR"

Current Board of Directors:

Richard Foster, President

Tom Hodges, Vice President/Treasurer

Roy Dunn, Superintendent

Larry Kluey, Member

Kevin Tackaberry, Member


DDMWC Board Directors serve for one-year terms, elected annually by shareholders of the Del Dios Mutual Water Company. Board members must be shareholders in good standing. The Superintendent is a salaried employee of the Del Dios Mutual Water Company: he or she also serves on the Board as a Director. Other Board members may perform the work of the Corporation in addition to their responsibilities on the Board, and are paid an hourly wage as appropriate.


Bobby McGann, Bookkeeper/Accounting/Billing

Ruth Ketchum, Corporate Secretary/Website

Agenda for March 5, 2024 Annual Meeting:

Del Dios Mutual Water Company
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
March 5, 2024
7:00 PM


Call to Order

1. Approve Agenda
2. Presentation of Minutes of 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders
3. Election of Board of Directors
   --Identification of nominated candidates
    --Call for floor nominations
    --Opportunity for candidates to address shareholders
    --Appointment of Board of Election
    --Count Ballots
    --Announcement of election results
4. Presentation of 2023 Activity Report
5. Presentation of Financial Reports and Budget
6. Presentation of Water Quality Report
7. Proposed Assessment and/or Rate Increase due to new State Regulations.
8. Q and A








Del Dios Mutual

Water Company

Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Annual Shareholders' Meeting