Annual Shareholders Meeting

March 1, 2022

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of the DDMWC took place on March 1, 2022 at 7:00 pm. Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, this meeting was held remotely via Zoom videoconferencing software. Chair was Rich Foster, President.

1. Call to Order, Welcome, current Board Members introduced.

2. Minutes of 2021 Annual Meeting approved.

3. Board of Election appointed. Ballots counted.

        The annual election of the Board of Directors was held by U. S. Mail.  Shareholders received ballots

         and Zoom meeting  invitations in early February. 98 votes were cast by March 1, 2022.

3. Activity Report presented: see below.

4. Financial Reports and Budget presented.

5. Water Quality Report: Good.

6. Announcement of Election of Board of Directors for 2022:      The following persons were elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2022 term:
         Richard Foster
         Tom Hodges
         Roy Dunn
         Larry Kluey
         Kevin Tackaberry

7. Questions from shareholders and attendees addressed; Solar power, water conservation discussed.

8. Meeting adjourned.


2021 Annual Activity ReportPresented at the Annual Shareholders Meeting
on March 1, 2022

The mission of the Del Dios Mutual Water Company is “To supply to its members only, for cost and not for profit, water for domestic, irrigation and beneficial use,” according to its Articles of Incorporation.  Since its founding in 1934, the Company has provided fresh, clean water to its shareholders in the community of Del Dios, Ca.

The DDMWC is a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, with a five-member Board of Directors, elected by shareholders annually in March.  The Water Company is fully owned and operated by property owners in Del Dios. Each Company share is appurtenant to a specific parcel within our service area. This means that shares can’t be bought or sold separately from ownership of the land. The number of shares, 173, stays stable: the only way an additional share could ever be issued is by a two-thirds majority vote of all shareholders.

When you bought or inherited your property, your water share came with it. If you sell your land, your share will go to the new owner. Some of you may have vacant lots that do not have a water share. These don’t have water service, and you can’t use your share to get water for an additional lot. This is why if you decide to sell it is important to disclose whether your property has a water share or not to the new owner or agent.

This is one of the reasons the community of Del Dios has been able to maintain its rural character, its open space and natural beauty over the years, in spite of rampant and irresponsible overdevelopment evident throughout Southern California.

 The Company’s ten-year Financial and Strategic Plan: 2014-2024 provides for capital projects, regular maintenance, cell tower lease management and a reserve/emergency fund.

Capital projects include the three-phase project to replace the old water main along Lake Drive with new 10” PVC pipe, install additional hydrants and stabilize water pressure throughout town. The contractor is PK Mechanical, Wildomar, CA.  Phase one and two, Nutmeg to Tamarack, has been completed.  Phase three, Tamarack to Rancho, will be completed in 2024.

A second capital project is the new well, Well # 6, scheduled to come online this Spring. When the Board learned of proposed new California State regional water authority regulations, we decided to drill a new well. DDMWC staff spent much of 2021 preparing the site and equipment to bring the well online, including working with contractors to install electrical equipment, a new chlorination system, pump machinery and housing. Staff also received training to operate the new systems.

New well #6 increases our current capacity and help us plan ahead for future needs. It produces 150 gallons per minute with the pump set at 500 feet. All water tests have been completed and it has passed every test with flying colors: it’s pure, clean water. Even the TDS, total dissolved solids, or minerals from the rock it’s found in, is testing lower than the other three wells. Once this water is mixed with the other wells, it will improve the quality as well as the quantity of Del Dios water available for our customers.

With Well #6, the DDMWC has four active wells: two in the canyon, one behind the firehouse, and the new one on the tank road. Well #1 and  #2 at 600’; Well #3 at 200’ and the new well #6 at 1,010’.

Maintenance activities in 2021 included annual water tank inspection and repair performed by Utility Service Company. Company Board and staff repaired and replaced pipes and valves throughout the system as needed. Leaks were repaired within 48 hours.

Water quality was good throughout the year. Superintendent Roy Dunn conducted monthly and annual tests for water quality. The DDMWC met all State and County standards tested for in 2021.

Our community has continued to conserve water in 2021. We ask that all customers continue to comply with the voluntary DDMWC Water Conservation Measures found on our website

DDMWC provided up to $100. rebate for residents who replaced an old toilet with a new, efficient low-flow toilet in their Del Dios residence. This year, 5 customers took advantage of this program, and the water company issued $600. in rebates for new efficient toilets. Contact Board Member Larry Kluey to participate in this program.

Customers can choose to pay their water bills online. Paper billing is still available for those who prefer to mail a check. Thanks to Bobby McGann for coordinating this program. The Del Dios Mutual Water Company maintains a healthy reserve in investments to secure the future and provide stability and security for any emergency situation that arises. The company has generators in case of power outage, and a connection to our neighboring Rincon Water system in case of fire, earthquake, etc. Staff has emergency procedures in place and are trained in emergency preparedness.

DDMWC water rates continue to be some of the lowest in the State of California. Cell phone tower leases help make this possible by supplementing DDMWC income. President Rich Foster worked hard in 2021 to negotiate profitable multiyear leases with ATT, T-Mobile, American Tower, etc.

2021 Board members were Rich Foster, President; Tom Hodges, Vice President/Treasurer; Roy Dunn, Superintendent; Larry Kluey, Board Member; and Kevin Tackaberry, Board Member. Employees include Bobby McGann, Accountant and Ruth Ketchum, Corporate Secretary.

DDMWC monthly Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Old Firehouse, and all shareholders are welcome.  For more information, check the company website  To report leaks and repairs call Roy Dunn: 760-644-1997 or Larry Kluey: 760-480-8922. For company questions: call Rich Foster: 760-580-5805.

                                                                        --Report respectfully submitted by Ruth Ketchum, Corp. Secretary


Del Dios Mutual Water Company
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
March 5, 2024
7:00 PM


Call to Order
1. Approve Agenda
2. Presentation of Minutes of 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders
3. Election of Board of Directors
   --Identification of nominated candidates
    --Call for floor nominations
    --Opportunity for candidates to address shareholders
    --Appointment of Board of Election
    --Count Ballots
    --Announcement of election results
4. Presentation of 2023 Activity Report
5. Presentation of Financial Reports and Budget
6. Presentation of Water Quality Report
7. Proposed Assessment and/or Rate Increase due to new State Regulations.
8. Q and A



Del Dios Mutual Water Company

Annual Shareholders Meeting
March 7, 2023


The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of the DDMWC took place on March 7, 2023 at 7:00 pm

at the Firehouse on Elm in Del Dios, Escondido, CA. 92029.

Chair was Rich Foster, President.

1. Call to Order, welcome, current board members introduced.
2. Minutes of 2022 Annual Meeting approved.
3. Board of Election appointed to count ballots.

       Ballots were mailed to all shareholders and were received by return mail, proxy and in person.

       There was one vote per share.
3. 2022 Activity Report presented: see below.
4. Financial Reports presented by Tom Hodges, Treasurer.
5. Water Quality Report: Good.

       Superintendent Roy Dunn discussed water testing processes and explained results reported

       in the Consumer Confidence Report.
6. Announcement of Election of Board of Directors for 2023: 

       The following persons were elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2023 term:
              Richard Foster
              Tom Hodges
              Roy Dunn
              Larry Kluey
              Kevin Tackaberry
7. Questions from shareholders and attendees were addressed by the Board.
8. Meeting adjourned.


Del Dios Mutual Water Company
Profit & Loss

January through December 2023

Ordinary Income/Expense Income
American Tower #370439         34,104.21
AT&T #10086252                     18,842.52
Billings                                   73,379.92
GT Company #814563              20,596.38
Misc. Income                               900.00
Refunds & Adjustment                 195.85
Returned Check Charges                15.00
Savings Interest                             14.97
T-Mobile #SD06449A                46,337.76
Water Share                             1,925.00
Total Income                         196,311.61
Gross Profit                           196,311.61

Amortization                               302.40
Auto Expense
   Auto Repair                           1,376.29
   Gas&Oil                                 1,236.35
   Registration                             439.00
   Tractor Maint/Repair             1,015.77
Total Auto Expense                   4,067.41
Bank Service Charges                   377.53
Board of Directors Comp.          3,000.00
Casual Labor                             1,800.00
Depreciation                           34,869.43
   Auto                                      1,234.00
   Commercial                           9,290.00
   Umbrella                               5,803.00
   Workmans Comp.                   3,550.80
Total Insurance                        19,877.80
Investment Service Fee             3,689.24
Legal & Acounting                     1,235.00

Office Expense
Annual Meeting                            139.31
Computer                                    186.30
Dues & Subscription                  1,719.16
Internet Connection                     143.88
On-Line Payroll Service              1,349.00
Paper & Envelopes                        862.46
Postage                                        741.59
Printing                                        431.02
Software                                      309.86
Telephone                                    600.00
Office Expense - Other                   77.67
Total Office Expense                  6,560.25

Outside Service                             150.00
Pay Pal Transaction Fee                  -42.42

Comp ETT                                       24.23
Comp FICA                                  4,219.59
Comp FUTA                                    290.70
Comp MCARE                                  986.84
Comp SUICA                                   532.95
Gross                                         68,057.86
Total Payroll                               74,112.17
Payroll Expenses                                 0.00

Rent                                            8,600.00

Repairs & Maintanance
Chlorine                                      2,136.96
Emergency 2"water meter tie-in   3,588.08
Equipment                                      115.63
Permits&Fees                                    77.50
Pipeline Repair                             8,568.78
Testing                                        16,532.50
Water Tank                                  14,745.18
Water Treatment                           1,190.00
Well No.1                                         802.43
Well No.2                                         400.00
Well No.3                                            0.00
Repairs&Maintan - Other                   117.17
Total Repairs & Maintanance         48,274.23

   Federal Tax                                 4,940.00
   Property Tax                                2,792.06
Total Taxes&License                        7,732.06
Toilet Replacement Rebate                 400.00
   SDG&E                                       17,989.04
Total Utilities                                17,989.04
Total Expense                              232,994.14

Net Ordinary Income                    -36,682.53
Other Income/Expense
Capital Gain Distributions                3,689.89
Investment Interest                              29.24
Qualified Dividends                          5,083.15
Realized Gain on Investment            6,734.76
Unrealized Gain/Loss Investment    26,089.97
Total Other Income                         41,627.01

Other Expense
Foreign Tax Paid                                  153.00
Total Other Expense                            153.00
Net Other Income                           41,474.01
Net Income                                      4,791.48



Balance Sheet: Year End 2023

Dec 31,2023

  Current Assets
      JPMorgan Chase Bank Checking                    6,539.90
      JPMorgan Chase Savings                            145,393.83
    Total Checking/Savings                               151,933.73
    Accounts Receivable
      Acct.Recv.                                                     -505.69
    Total Accounts Receivable                                -505.69
    Other Current Assets
      Investment Account
        Calvert Intl Responsible                            15,912.14
        DFA Emerging Markets Instl CL D                18,499.00
        Euro Pac Growth Fund                               19,287.74
        Fundamental Invrs Inc Cl F                        10,865.80
        Growth Fund Amer Inc Cl F                        19,929.46
        Ishares Core S&P Small Cap 200                 23,320.62
        Ishares Russell Mid Cap Growth                  24,936.48
        JP Morgan Growth Advantage Fund            36,045.29
        JP Morgan Mid Cap Value                           23,474.06
        JP Morgan US Govm Money Mrkt                10,685.29
        Pimco Total Return                                   13,343.63
        Principal Equity Income                            41,881.27
        Virtus Seix Floating Rate High                   14,568.25
      Total Investment Account                          272,749.03
      Loan  to DelDios Volunteer Fire                   19,600.00
      Undeposited Funds                                       2,221.30
    Total Other Current Assets                           294,570.33
Total Current Assets                                        445,998.37
Other Assets
    Accum.Amortization                                      -1,360.80
    Accum.Dep.                                               -608,651.36
    Chevy Truck                                                  13,500.00
    Chlorinator                                                     3,553.17
    Computer                                                       3,191.87
    Kubota Tractor                                              21,932.63
    Land                                                             93,170.00
    MachineEquip.                                              49,926.44
    Mainline Upgrade
      Design Phase 1                                            49,000.01
      Permits Phase 1                                            7,044.62
      Pipeline Extension Phase 1                        185,104.70
      Pipeline Extension, Phase 2
        Permits Phase 2                                          4,536.00
        Pipeline Extension, Phase 2 - Other          363,849.00
      Total Pipeline Extension, Phase 2               368,385.00
    Total Mainline Upgrade                                609,534.33
    Sand Filter                                                     2,341.80
    Water Tank reline/repaint                           152,000.00
    Well #6                                                       193,978.79
    Well pump and motor                                   20,948.56
  Total Other Assets                                        554,065.43
TOTAL ASSETS                                          1,000,063.80

    Current Liabilities
      Other Current Liabilities
        Payroll-ETT                                                     0.08
        Payroll-FICA                                                 544.48
        Payroll-FUTA                                                145.03
        Payroll-FWH                                                 107.00
        Payroll-MCARE                                              127.36
        Payroll-SDI                                                     39.93
        Payroll-SUICA                                                  2.56
        Payroll-SWHCA                                               40.81
        Payroll Liability- Workmen's Comp              4,274.70
      Total Other Current Liabilities                      5,281.95
    Total Current Liabilities                                 5,281.95
  Total Liabilities                                               5,281.95
    Opening Bal Equity                                    108,061.32
    Retained Earnings                                      881,929.05
    Net Income                                                   4,791.48
  Total Equity                                                 994,781.85
TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                    1,000,063.80


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Del Dios Mutual

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