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Del Dios Mutual

Water Company

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 Meeting Agenda


Del Dios Mutual Water Company

Board of Directors Meeting

  • At the Firehouse

December 6, 2016


Call to Order 7 p.m.

Item 1: Approve Agenda

Item 2: Approve Minutes of the November 6, 2016 Board of Directors' Meeting

Item 3: Shareholder Public Comment.

Item 4: Water Quality Report.

Item 5: Superintendent's Report.

Item 6: Treasurer's Report.

Item 7: Water Share Transfers Report.

Item 8: Update on registration of shares with County of SD

Item 9: Discuss cellular lease agreements

Item 10: Discuss redrilling of Well #3

Item 11: Discuss Annual Meeting agenda and Board election

Item 12: New Business.